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The Grain Exchange: product review “The Oatmeal Caramel Delight” bar.
I eat my veggies and try to hit the gym as much as I can given my daily schedule, so why not indulge every now and then in a delicious sweet treat? I know, if you are on a diet or looking to remove sugar from your diet then desert is the first thing to suffer. But I have come to realize that 5 or 6 good days on my account warrants a reward on the 7th day. Luckily I was in a position recently to find some great new products at the Appetite for Awareness 2010 event in Philly. At the event I came upon a table which was very crowded and jockeyed for position to try some sweets. The table was from the Grain Exchange, an all gluten free bakery located inside Doylestown, PA. They had many offering to try and all were delicious but one item caught my eye more so than the others and that was their “Oatmeal Caramel Delight Bar.” Manning the table was owner, Jill Colombo and after a lengthy discussion about her products she sent me home to try out their Oatmeal Carmel Delight Bar. After letting it sit in my fridge for about four days it was time to try it.

Simply delicious! A real treat for sure. Four days later and it was just as moist and delicious as all her other items at the event. The oatmeal bar didn’t give me a generic store bought confection type of feeling, rather it gave me more of a sit down for coffee and cake type of feeling. Basically, an item you would want to bring to someone’s house when visiting, which is a nice departure from just a box cake with a glass of milk. The Grain Exchange says they use no preservatives or additives and all of their products are gluten free, and I have to say that the product does have a “baked at home from scratch” type of feel and texture while eating it.















Currently, their products are available in PA and in select areas of NJ. However after speaking with Jill after the event in Philly, it seems she has to answer up to a successful outing and is now looking to get her bakery items delivered near and far. Click below and check out the Grain Exchange’s website for more information on where to buy their products.

Sunday Review: The Grain Exchange


Sunday review; The Grain Exchange GF Baked Goods

  • March 20th, 2011 7:31 pm ET

There are quite a few new gluten free bakeries in the Bucks County / Philadelphia area, but few can "hold a candle" to the goodies that are being made at The Grain Exchange in Doylestown, PA. The Grain Exchange is committed to making products that are wheat and gluten free as well as peanut and nut free. These wonderful treats are so deliciously satisfying there is not even a hint of gluten-freeness about them!

The Grain Exchange has an assortment of homemade baked goods which are made with incredible texture and loaded with flavor, there is no skimping on the ingredients. You can taste the savory flavors of fresh butter, chocolate, blueberry, and cream.  After all, a treat is just that, so it should be wonderful.  The Grain Exchange makes so many different kinds of delights everyone can find something to enjoy.  Check out their web page for a list of homemade goodies which includes cookies, cakes, biscotti, cornbread, muffins and waffles. The Snicker Doodle Cookies are outrageously good.  Hide them from your non GF friends, because they will disappear fast.  All of the cookies are packaged with about 10 to a pack.  They cost around $9. Yes the price is steep, which is why you have to save them for yourself.  All of the products can be kept in the freezer.  The cookies can be microwaved for 25 seconds to become soft again.  

The Grain Exchange has a list of stores and restaurants where their products are available on their web site.  Most of them are in the Doylestown area and some in Philadelphia including the Philadelphia Zoo!  McCaffrey's Super Market in Yardley is now selling an assortment of their products, in the stores GF section.   

Treat yourself or someone you know.  

Read what our customers say ....

"It was a fight to the finish" over the last Oatmeal Caramel Delight Bar


"In a word  YUMMY"


"Your food is absolutely delicious and I am glad you are in business"


"Best Caramel Delight Bar"


"Thanks for bringing something sweet and delicious back into my life"


"Thank you for doing what you do"


"Finally after 7 years, a great tasting cookie"


"Thank you so much for your quality products.  We're hooked !"


The belgian waffles are simply the best waffles I have ever had, including "regular" ones. Nice deep pockets, soft texture that crisps well ( no cardboard here), perfect taste - slightly "sour" so it pairs perfectly with a sweet topping, but not so sour that you can't eat as a "savory" item. ( I even ate unwarmed right out of the package - yummy too!!)I ordered over the phone with the baker herself, so I was able to personalize a recipe (more apples in the apple cake for my apple loving mom). The order was taken professionally but personally in an unhurried manner. Everything is freshly baked for the order, each item is individually bubble wrapped for shipping, and the box arrived on the promised day. Nothing was broken. Great packing job.All items look great, smell great, and have great texture - no dry, crumbly stuff. Cookies are nice and thick. I hate to let this secret out because I fear the bakery will become too big to personalize, but with stuff this good, I just have to share.


Thank you so much for your outstanding goodies ! When I am eating them I forget I am a celiac.